Starthands in omaha poker

Starthands in omaha poker:

Double pair and double suit

ASpadesASpades KSpadesKHearts,  ASpadesASpades QSpadesQHearts

ASpadesASpades 10Spades10Hearts, ASpadesASpadesJHeartsJSpades

ASpadesASpades 9Spades9Hearts

Other strong hands in omaha:

ASpadesASpadesJHearts10Spades, JHearts10Spades9Hearts8Spades

AA-??, KK-QQ, KK-JJ, KQ-J10, KK-1010


QQ-JJ, QQ-1010, QQ-AK, QQ-AJ, QQ-A10

QQ-KJ, QQ-K10, QQ-J10, QQ-J9

All this hands are very strong hands in omaha poker.
Other good hands is double suited with cards in order higher than 6.

If you have played a lot of holdem before than keep in mind that a good hand can be really bad rather quick. If there is more than 3 players in the pot and board pairs then you can fold nut-flush if anyone bets :)


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