Potodds - pot odds - explained

Potodds is a comparisition of size of the pot and what amount you have to bring in.
One example if there is $10 in the pot and you have to pay $2 to call, then you have 5-1 pot odds (win-cost).

To get the odds in per cent then use this formula cost/(pot + cost).

You can use this to compare against your chance of winning the pot or your chance to get the best hand.

If you look at the example above 2/(10 + 2) ~ 0.1666, about 17 %. If you play with pot odds strategy then you must have 17% chance to win the hand or better of course.

If you have A9 och floppen är 23K then you have 9 outs for nut flush and if the board doesn't pair you have the best hand possible. The odds for this to happen is 9/47 ~ 0.19 thats 19% chance of making the flush then you should call, you have the potodds on your side. 

Maybe an ace is enough to make the best hand and if so you have 3 more outs.

There is of course some things that could happen:

-The player after you may raise or go all in.

-If you make your hand do you really have the best hand.

In the example above maybe some of you opponents have pocket 2's and K hit the board then youre in trouble. So if the board pairs it can be wise to be careful.

The easiest way to count potodds is to take your outs and multiply by 2 and add 1 ... 4 outs and you have about 9% chance to get your out(card).

If you have 9% chance of winning the pot and play by the rules of potodds you shuold not call a raise bigger than 9% of the pot.

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