Poker odds information

There are some things a poker player should know and some things that can help you when you play.

Poker odds is one of them, they can help you to make right decisions so you do not loose your entire bankroll.

Poker odds is just one thing that is good to know, if you wanna be a good poker player there is a lot to learn like bluff and semi-bluff. Bluff is good in the right situation, if you use too often or in wrong situation it will cost you a lot.

Here you find som information about pokerodds.

Pot odds compare your win % with the cost of calling in the current situation.

Implied odds is the difference how much you think you gonna win if you make your hand and the cost to play it.

Reverse implied odds is the difference between the total sum the pot can be and the cost to stay in.

Effective odds.

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