Poker tournaments

Try to play as many freerolls you can, it's a very good way to learn poker. And if youre lucky you earn some free money.

The most common game in tournaments are holdem but there is tournaments in omaha and stud on some sites.

If you aim at the final table ... you should ... be careful and keep an eye on you opponents.

If you get good cards then you should not hesitate to bet. It can be letal if you slowplay.

Good tournamentplayers has a lot of patience and don't hesitate when they got good cards.

Info about pokertournaments

The most common is to start with 1000-2000 chips.
Big blind is 20 and small blind is 10. Big blind is the amount the second player after dealer has to pay.
Small blind is the amount the player after the dealer has to pay.
The blinds is then doubled after about 5 minutes or something like that.

In the beginning of a tournament these amount is not so heavy but after an hour or so they become quite big.

In tournaments "or always" it is important to use your position at the table. The dealer has the best position because he has most information when it's time to act.

Some useful tip for poker tournaments

These tip is for all tournaments freerolls and money.

In the beginning of a tournament open only with good hands. If you have a good hand always raise the pot, if you do so some of the players hopefully will fold.

If you like the flop then bet it. Slow play kills. Never let your opponents see free cards.

Even if you just has a draw and no one has bet then try a semi-bluff. It is a good chance that the others will fold. A free pot is always good.

Try to keep an eye on your opponents, you will soon find out which play tight and who doesn't. Watch out when the tight players bet hard or re-raise you if you don't have a real good hand it is wise to fold.

Your position is very important. If you are dealer and noone has bet it could be a good time for a bluff. Dealer position is the best place to play hands that are not so strong because you will have a lot of information when it's your time to act.

If you have an bad position "early" then throw all garbage hands, it's otherwise a big chance that you will give your chips away.

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