Some advice for new players

Start playing with playmoney it's free and you will learn the game first. Don't start with real money.

When you sign up for a pokerroom look after bonus promotions, you will find some on this site.

It's stupid to sign up without a good bonus deal, if you gonna play why not get some free money.

Try to not get involved in discussion with angry people(ther's plenty of those - bad loosers), if you do it's a big chance that your game will be bad. You can also get your chat disabled if you use unproper language. It's not worth it, play on instead.

Try to be polite at the table or be quiet.

Don't hesitate to call support they are very helpful and wan't you as a customer to be satisfied.

Your money your bankroll

This is a obvius advice but still ...
Never play with money you can't afford to loose.
If you loose don't try to win it back on a higher stake table. You will probably loose more because on higher stake tables the players are better.

Poker is a game and you can't predict the next card. It's wise to play after odds but still in short term you can loose anyway. Don't put your entire bankroll at stake. Potodds information.

There are many advice about this but i never bring more than 20% of my bankroll to a table. Then i can be unlucky and still have enough to win it back. Sometimes you take a chance and you should if the pot is big enough and you have a fair chance of winning.

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