Ranking of poker hands

In all pokergames a deck with 52 cards is used. Cards ranks as follows: Ace,king,queen,knight,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,ace. Ace can be one or 14. There is no difference in value between suits. Diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades is all equal.

The games obejective is to get the best five card hand on the table, this is the hand ranking:

Roayal flush:
The best hand ace high straight in one suit . Odds is 1 on 72.000.

Quads or four of a kind:
Four cards with the same value. Odds is 1 on 4200.

Boat or full house:
Three of a kind and a pair. Odds is 1 on 700.

Five cards in the same suit. Odds is 1 on 510. Nut flush is a ace high flush.

Five cards in assorted suit but ordered. Odds is 1 on 250.

Set or three of a kind:
Three cards with same value. Odds is 1 on 48.

Two pair:
For example 99 + 1010. Odds is 1 on 21.

One pair:
Two cards with same value. Odds is 1 on 2,4.

Highest card:
Highest cards wins if noone has one of above hands. Odds is 1 on 2.

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