Information about poker chat

In chat rooms you must speak/write in english. Don't talk in you native language you can be banned or have your chat turned off. Usually pokermgr will warn you and if you don't obey they will punish you.

Common poker chat jargon

  • afaik
    as far as i know
  • brb
    be right back
  • b4n
    bye for now
  • cul8er
    see you later
  • fyi
    for your information
  • gh
    good hand
  • gg
    good game
  • gl
    good luck
  • ic
    i see
  • igp
    i gotta pee
  • imho
    in my humble opinion
  • jmo
    just my opinion
  • l8r
  • lol
    laugh out loud
  • nc
    nice catch
  • nh
    nice hand
  • n1
    nice one
  • oic
    oh i see
  • omg
    oh my god
  • pita
    pain in the ass
  • sry
  • ty
    thank you
  • wp
    well played
  • yw
    your welcome
  • ul
  • *
    Usually not a good word :)

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